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1981: Our company started as a joint venture of two individuals, who as locksmiths did metalwork and metalware manufacturing. The rising demand for repair and reconditioning has necessitated development; after iron castings welding, aluminum welding (MIG technology) was introduced among our services.

Since 1991 our main profile is cylinder head repair and reconditioning.

1994: pre-chamber production started; first, for internal use, and later that was supplimented by wholesale.

1998: our first new workshop was built, designed for cylinder head repair and service.

1999: the first SERDI machines were bought (valve seat machine, pressure tester and assembly machine); this was a major step in reducing lead times and improving the quality and precision of our work. The precision and the good corporate image helped us in building a good relationship with car- and engine mechanics and dealerships.

2004: our new workshop opened at a new site - Kutasi ut 40, Hodmezovasarhely - in a much bigger building, designed according to the demands of previous years; customers are welcomed here in a pleasant air conditioned reception.

To further develop the quality of our service, beside the Serdi machines Berco planer and line bohrer machines were installed.

2005: besides cylinder head repair we started universal and CNC machining, too.

2007: to help our wholesale activity we have compiled a picture catalogue of our expanded product range, that includes cylinder heads, camshafts, expansion plugs, prechambers, valve stem seals, hydraulic valve lifters and injector sleeves.

2009: we have acquired the whole stock of Hungaroszeft Kft. of Szada. With that our product range expanded with good quality valves, valve guides, valve stem seals and camshaft seals. We became the Hungarian representative of the Polish AMP valves.

We place a strong emphasis on a quick and exact delivery, in which the MPL express courier service helps us.

2010: A new catalogue is made to introduce the new product lines and to show our full product range. Thread repair kits and accessories were added to our product portfolio. Delivery is made more flexible by using GLS courier services. 

2011: our 30th anniversary. In engine parts sales, engine parts repair and engine parts production category we focus on cylinder head and its parts - camshaft, valve, valve stem seal, valve guide, etc.

Development on the Slovak market - delivery to Slovakia on the next day.

2012: technological development happened with the help of a tender. Olde machines have been replaced by new ones and further new machines were bought to increase the precision of the work and the work conditions, while further shortening the lead time. The new machines arrive between July, 2012 and January, 2013.

The sales unit got a new office and warehouse to meet the increasing demands.

A new, Nr. 015 catalogue was made.

A new ERP software was introduced.

2013: besides Paradowscy-AMP valves we sell our own products and other aftermarket parts under "A-M Engine parts" name both in domestic and foreign markets.

The prechambers made by us were the base of our product line 20 years from today; and others were added to that 

like A-M cylinder head, A-M valve, A-M valve guide, A-M valve stem seal, A-M camshaft, A-M valve lifter, A-M expansion plug, A-M valve seat, A-M Coil thread repair. The biggest user of our products is our own workshop, what is a further guarantee of the quality of our parts. Our goal is the accurate and quick service of our customers both in the workshop and at the parts sales, for the satisfaction of all.

2014: further logistic improvement is that by the next day we can deliver your order to anywhere in Romania.

2015 We expand our range with connecting rods and crankeshafts. 

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