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We are the AMP valve distributor in Hungary. The Paradowscy factory, founded in the 1940-ies is now several factories main valve supplier and delivers high precision automobile, tractor, truck, locomotive and generator valves to several countries.

Nearly 800 types, tens of thousands of valves are available to our customers. The valves that aren't carried in stock can be obtained quickly, too, or be manufactured by a sample, even one piece.

The part numbers, ending with an "N" have nitrided coating. Plasma nitriding is the world's most advanced nitrid coating process, used at surfaces of high stress load. Through the process the coat is applied on the surface by a vibrating electric field. By that, we get a tough and hard surface, with five fold life time. The coating's wear- and damage resistance effectively increases, improving the durability of the valve.

To expand the supply and the level of our service we introduced the A-M valves. We offer several automobile, tractor and truck valves. At expanding our valve range we take into account the customer searches and demands.


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